Mel B. Elder, Jr.

 I am a photographer first but a huge advocate for dream chasers and entrepreneurs.  My career as a photographer started while in high school. I was quite lost as it pertains to what I really wanted to do in life. The only thing that really satisfied me was photography. My journalist teacher the late, Anna Hess positioned me on various occasions to really practice my skill and develop a love for it...and I did!

After high school I was fortunate enough to intern for two premiere beauty and fashion photographers; Derek Blanks and James Anthony. These two established photographers opened my eyes to photography. They often advised me with business , and often prompted to challenge myself and develop my own style. After these internships ended, I found it in myself to build clientele and take photography serious.

This leap of faith allowed opportunities including campaigns for various companies such as Bronner Brothers, Inc., Slim Girl Shapewear and Body Fab to name a few. I even landed a few album covers with songstress, Tiffany Evans, Gospel artist, Joshua Rogers (BET's Sunday Best Winner), Paris Bennett (American Idol) and even had my share of reality tv stars; Margeaux (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) to name a few.

I am the owner of the brand "All About My Craft" ( which empowers other entrepreneurs and creators to be all about their art.

Join me in creating! I hope to be able to create with you!





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